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Gary Nixon #9 to ride for M3 Racing’s
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Born in Anadarko, Oklahoma on January 25~ 1941. I wanted to be a sports star when I grew up. I was pretty good at football, but everybody got bigger. I was a good basketball player, but everybody got taller. I was good at baseball, because I could hit, pitch and field real good. One game I made an unassisted triple play, in another game I made a grand slam home run on a bunt. When I was pitching I would try to hit the first batter, that made most of the other players back away. Well, I got hit in the head with a baseball bat that one of my teammates was swinging when I was heading to the bench to set down. Then I decided that maybe that was a little too dangerous, so I decided I wanted to be a motorcycle racer and be #1

In 1958-Started racing professional, I was an unlisted B Rider That meant I had to race with the listed B Riders and the Experts. I did not make much money that year, but I started learning how to Race. I won the Oklahoma State Scrambles Championship.

1959-I was a Listed B Rider, I got 6th in the nation in the point standings.

1960-I was an Expert with a lot to learn.

1962-I was noticed at the Sturgis Races and received a National Number the next year.

1963-I won my first National in Windber Pa and National Race in Chicago the next week.

1967-I won the Daytona 100 Miler on Saturday and came back and won the 200 Miler on Sunday. I won the #l plate that year, and again in 1968.

1969-I crashed at a Mile Race in Santa Rosa California because of a transmission problem. There were no hay bales guarding the 4x4 fence post that I hit, it compound fractured my left femur.

1973-I Won the United States Road Race Championship and was 3rd overall in the nation.

1974-I was on my way to Europe to win the World Championship I had an engine seizure at a test track in Japan. I hit a tree 12 ft. in the air at 120 mph.

1975-I set out most of the year trying to get my arms to heal.

1976-Erv Kanemoto and I won the Formula 750 World Road Race Championship Title. Then lost it politically, thank to the European FIM and the AMA.

1979-Quit Professional Racing, to concentrate on my business.

1985-Was Team Manager for Jim France’s "Super Team" at the Daytona 200, 1985-86.

l995-Won the Legends Race at Daytona.

l996- Tied Jay Springsteen in the Legends Race at Daytona.

1996-Won the Past Masters Race at Mallory Park in England.

1997-Won the Legends race at Daytona.

1998-Team Captain Anglo-American Vintage Match Race Team.

1999-Raced Heritage Honda at Mid-Ohio.

2000-Grand Marshall for Vintage Races at Daytona. Compete in 750cc Races 6th and 7th Race Vintage Anglo-American Match Races at Mallory Park, England & Mid-Ohio.


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